June 23, 2008


The talented Jorge know as "DOS OCEANOS" , takes us very close to the magnificent SAN ANDRES - COLOMBIA, South America waters, into a journey where we can imagine that we are right there diving in the tropical sea, right beside to our buddie, as he takes us on an called "Adventure in SAN ANDRES" .

The Caribbean coast and islands isn’t just about white sand beaches and scuba diving. You can delve the depths of colonial and Independence history, in such cities as Cartagena and Santa Marta, tracing the steps of Spanish explorers and Simón Bolívar. Many astounding national parks and reserves, like Tayrona, Los Flamencos, Ciénaga and Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, provide opportunities to witness sea turtles breeding and spectacular bird watching. Let your footfalls echo through the ancestral ruins of Ciudad Perdida and El Pueblito.
Aracataca, Gabriel García Márquez’ hometown, is the ultimate Macondo.
But along this coast, every village is a Macondo, with strange festivals to celebrate with the locals, from the caiman in Ciénaga to the donkey pageant in Sincelejo. Of course, don’t forget to join the big parties here, drinking whiskey with Valledupar at the Vallenato music festival and dancing traditional cumbia in Barranquilla’s Carnaval.
The visual arts are not neglected, with world-class art museums in the major cities and Cartagena’s film festival.
San Andrés is the most exotic of the Colombian Caribbean jewels, with an English-based culture and the best of (yes) beaches and scuba diving.

Jorge is a diver truly commited with preservation and conservancy for the Oceans and ecosystems.

I´M A DIVER NETWORK is very proud to have an excellent fighter and also a teacher of what Colombian citizens and friends can do to help.

That´s why "DOS OCEANOS" is the winner of this month, and our congratulations for his job, WELL DONE we all say.


Here your best U. W. Photos :)


Juan Carlos Esquivel said...

Not only Jorge is an excelent diver but a great teacher. I've known him for several years already and most of time when I have doubts or questions he is always ready to answer or clarify, even through the internet. Congratulations on a very well deserved title. Juan Carlos Esquivel, Costa Rica

I´M A DIVER said...

Thanks so much for your comment Juan Carlos. I really feel proud of each one of my members, because all of them have skills in one or another fields. Jorge is a good representant of South America on I´M A DIVER where all divers are welcome to join.
Hope to hear more often from you.
Best regards,

Lizbeth M. Aguirre





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